Electrostatic splicing

Enulec_AST 60_Elektrostatisches Spleißen
The AST 60 charging station ensures secure fixation between materials during splicing and laminating processes (Source: Enulec)

The AST 60 charging station is a non-contact system and ensures secure fixing between materials in preparation for lamination as well as splicing operations on Slitter/rewinders. It is designed to facilitate automatic reel changes in winding applications without the need for splice tapes. Instead, the web is electrostatically fixed to the core.

After successful transfer of the web to the new roll, the AST 60 charging unit is deactivated and, if present, the discharging bar is switched on. The system can be supplied either with standard charging bars or with the air-assisted charging bar ESA1000. A fine air flow assists the ion transfer and thus enables a more uniform deposition of the ions on the substrate surface. In addition, it protects the charging pins against contamination and is therefore characterised by very long maintenance intervals.