K. Walter

Cyon Analysis now available as a stand-alone solution

Cyon Analysis now available as a stand-alone solution
CYON Analysis dashboard and the Mini-PC (Source: K. Walter)

CYON Analysis is the first extension module for the CYON database-based software solution (“Cylinder Online”) to simplify and transparently display the evaluation of bath analyses and to automatically generate optimal correction recommendations.

This module is now available as a stand-alone solution fully configured on a Mini PC. So the relevant functions can now also be used for installations outside the AutoCON lines or for manual installations. All manual installations can be created on this PC and the time-consuming and possibly error-prone manual calculations that were common up to now are no longer necessary. This way, even the stand-alone user can make optimal use of the full intelligence of the CYON Analysis software.


Managing electrolyte parameters

With CYON Analysis as a stand-alone solution, the electrolyte parameters can be managed and optimized in a similarly convenient and reliable way as with the CYON overall solution. Of course, the bath samples can also be sent to the K.Walter laboratory in the stand-alone setup and analyzed there. The laboratory then sends the results to the analysis user by e-mail.

Monitor, keyboard and mouse are not included in the scope of delivery. This has the advantage that our customers can procure these components individually according to their requirements or use existing accessories. The decisive factor is that the CYON Analysis software is already preconfigured on the mini PC. Thus, this stand-alone solution can be used immediately for production optimization.