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Antimicrobial overprint varnish

The varnish develops its antibacterial effect independently of light irradiation, as it is not based on a photocatalytic mechanism of action. (Source: Doneck Network)

Doneck Network’s specially formulated water-based Euro-Lac WUM900056 high-gloss overprint varnish has an antimicrobial effect when applied to the appropriate surface and can even be used to print on papersand cardboard for the food industry. According to expert opinion, when applied correctly, it is suitable for direct contact with wet, dry and greasy foodstuffs.

Euro-Lac has been developed with the following properties: The primary requirement was the antimicrobial effect. The varnish also shows excellent printability on the press and improves abrasion resistance.


The varnish is equally suitable for two roll systems and for doctor blade presses. For optimum effect, use an anilox roller with a dip volume of at least 15 cm3. This applies for painted print substrates. A second coat of varnish is needed for unpainted materials.

“The varnish develops its antibacterial effect independently of light radiation, since it is not based on a photocatalytic reaction. This product’s simultaneous suitability for food packaging papers underlines Doneck Network’s special focus on innovation and customer orientation,” says Arndt Breitbach, Managing Director Doneck Network.


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