The Print4All conference 2024

The Print4All Conference is the main event in the roadmap of events leading up to the next edition of Print4All, the printing industry’s benchmark event, to be held at Fiera Milano (Rho), 27-30 May 2025. Print4All 2025 renews its participation in “The Innovation Alliance”, the event that will see sees Print4All, Ipack-Ima, Green Plast and Intralogistica Italia, – four trade fairs that all represent the excellence of instrumental mechanics – taking place simultaneously. An ideal industrial supply chain, ranging from the most sustainable solutions for the production and management of plastic materials to packaging and processing, from the graphic customization of the products to the handling and storage of goods.

The professional of the entire supply chain will meet next 11 July at Villa Quaranta, Ospedaletto di Pescantina, in the heart of Valpolicella in the occasion of the Print4All Conference. This event offers the opportunity to share the vision of manufacturers and brand owners through an open exchange of ideas and the sharing of best practices, new trends and emerging technologies. The Print4All Conference, organised by Acimga (Italian Association of Manufacturers of Machinery for the Graphic, Paper and Converting Industry) and ARGI (Association of Suppliers to the Graphic Industry), in collaboration with Fiera Milano, is a well-established event aimed at the entire printing and converting industry.


The title, Future Print: supply chain outlooks and innovation for the printing industry of tomorrow, summarises the day’s objective. Starting with an analysis of the innovations and technological advances introduced to the market in recent months, a broader scenario will be sketched out, leaving ample room for interdisciplinary debate throughout the supply chain, to consider the future directions all areas of printing industry, from converting to packaging, from labelling to commercial and industrial printing.

Programme and themes of the conference

Throughout the day, the innovations and technological advances – from the point of view of both the manufacturers and the brand owners and creatives who have the opportunity to use them – will be grouped around three themes that preview the special areas returning to the Print4All 2025 exhibition:

Green Printing: One of the main challenges facing the printing industry is sustainability, in a vision that embraces the entire life cycle of the printed product, from production to distribution and disposal. In order to improve the environmental impact of the sector, it is also necessary to take into account the waste materials from production, which must be treated in accordance with current regulations and with the support of specialised companies, which are now at the forefront in devoting considerable resources to research and development of innovative solutions.

Corrugated Experience: the only market segment with constant growth, which shows no sign of slowing. In recent years, the sector has been characterised by a strong innovative drive, demonstrating an evolutionary capacity with high added value, which is most evident in Europe and Italy, geographical areas that are home to the largest manufacturers of machinery and systems for the production, converting and printing of corrugated board, whose R&D activities are world class.

PrintMAT: In a market context where brands increasingly need to express uniqueness and distinct personal values, materials and media play a key role. Materials innovation is changing the way companies produce and is an area of strong experimentation and design creativity, looking for new ways to push the traditional boundaries of printing.