Kohli Industries

Successful open-house and preparations for the K 2022 show

Gravure press Thea 9one8
The successful gravure press Thea 9one8 from Kohli Industry (Source: Kohli Industry)

After a first open-house event in July the Mumbai-based manufacturer of rotogravure printing presses, Kohli Industries, had to extend its presentation at its production facility for two more days on 9 and 10 August. The events were attended by more than 150 customers from eight countries.

Overwhelming industry response

According to Kaku Kohli, the CEO of Kohli Industries, the reason for the additional date was the overwhelming industry responses: “We had planned the open-house in July for five days but on our customers’ request it went on for seven days instead of five days. In addition, as some of the customers couldn’t attend the earlier event for different reasons, we decided to extend the open-house for two more days.”


At the event, Kohli showcased four live machines: The Thea-9one8 gravure press, the Gaia-405 solventless laminator, the Zeus-630 slitter-rewinder and the Eos-630 reversible inspection winder. This is the first time, the Thea-9one8 was presented at a personal participation event, after it was shown in various virtual open houses held by Kohli Industries in 2020 and 2021. In addition, 45 students and five professors from two printing technology institutes were invited to a personal walk-through of all four machines, followed by a question-answer session on the printing industry with Kaku Kohli.

What’s up next?

Up next, the company is focusing on the forthcoming K Exhibition in Dusseldorf, Germany, from 19-26 of October, where Kohli Industries will showcase Plutus-9one8, their new multi-process and multi-technology coater/laminator. Like a multi tool swiss army knife, Plutus is a suitable combination of multiple applications making it a most versatile equipment for any converting need. The machine is capable of processing solvent-based, water-based, solvent-less, hot-melt, cold-seal and UV-LED-Ebeam lacquers or even pressure sensitive silicones.