Slitter-rewinder sale to AR Packaging Halmstad

Comexi: Slitter-rewinder sale to AR Packaging Halmstad
AR Packaging Halmstad, a Swedish manufacturer of cardboard and flexible packaging, purchased S1 a DS slitter-rewinder from Comexi (Source: Comexi)

Comexi, the supplier of solutions for the flexible packaging printing and converting industry has sold a S1 DS slitter-rewinder to AR Packaging Halmstad, a Swedish company active in the fields of the cardboard and flexible packaging sector.

The system will be installed in the company’s Halmstad’s plant. The relationship between the two companies dates back approximately 30 years. Presently, there are three types of Comexi machinery, flexo press machines with a central drum, slitters, and laminators. All converting machines in the Halmstad plant are of Comexi type. The plant in Halmstad is specialized in the production of flexible food packaging with a unique barrier protection.


The Comexi S1 DS is especially designed for large diameter reels jobs. With its  fast acceleration ramps it can achieve high productivity by rapidly reaching top speed without the loss of quality. This slitter has a separate unwinder that can incorporate various automation systems such as knife and core positioning, automatic handling, reel pushers or auto-tapping to help operators during job changes, especially when several slits have to be made. Among other options, the S1 DS is also capable of incorporating end-of-line automation, from reel handling to palletizing, including reel weighing, labelling, and bagging.

About AR Packaging

AR Packaging Halmstad was founded in 1929 by Erik Akerlund and Ruben Rausing with the objective of reshaping pre-packed goods retailing. Today, among others, the company’s flexible packaging division is a leading provider of packaging solutions for industries like food and consumer goods, beauty and cosmetics, confectionery, food services, tobacco, as well as pharmaceutical and medical. AR Packaging Halmstad offers a unique range of packaging solutions from its specialized factories; added value is created through its broad range of products and profound knowledge of carton-based and flexible packaging.