QuaLabels of Ethiopia invests in gravure press

QuaLabels of Ethiopia invests in gravure press
QuaLabels Manufacturers PLC has installed Ethiopia’s first Bobst shaftless RS 6003 gravure printing press as part of its business expansion (Source: Bobst)

QuaLabels Manufacturers PLC has installed Ethiopia’s first Bobst shaftless gravure printing press as part of its business expansion of delivering high-quality labels and packaging to local and global brand owners in the beverages and snacks, personal care, and home care markets. The company’s machine is the first of its kind from any European manufacturer.

Boosting print capabilities

It was during visit of Brook Worku, Chairman and CEO of QuaLabels to Europe in 2018 in search of market opportunities that got him acquainted with Bobst. Further meetings and discussions prompted QuaLabels to invest in one of the company’s gravure printing presses as a suitable choice for printing on flexible materials.


Installed during the corona crisis, the shaftless gravure printing press of the RS 6003 type has been designed specifically with sleeve print cylinders for fast and efficient operation. This press also features very precise web tension control, high-performance dual technology dryers, Registron register control and the TAPS fully automatic pre-register function, streamlining the setup process. These leading-edge technologies enable QuaLabels to produce both short and long runs on a wide range of substrates with less waste.

Facing today’s converter challenges

There are numerous challenges facing converters in today’s packaging market, such as shorter runs, faster time-to-market, availability of raw materials, and high energy costs, to name a few. With the new gravure printing press in place, QuaLabels is well-equipped to tackle these, as it ramps up production to capture a larger share of the market. Furthermore, there are additional investments in new machinery planned for the next couple of years.

Market leader in beverage labels

The Ethiopian market leader in beverage labels, QuaLabels was founded in 2016 by Brook Worku. The company operates a modern, food-certified plant in Lege Tafo, a town located 19 kilometres north east of Addis Ababa, and specializes in primary and secondary packaging mainly for the food and beverages, detergent, and confectionery markets. Some of QuaLabels’ major customers include The Coca-Cola Company, Heineken N.V., PepsiCo, Inc., and Unilever PLC.