New water-based printing ink series

Follmann's water-based printing inks have been developed for gravure and flexo printing (Source: Follmann)

As a responsible company, Follmann offers water-based printing inks of the Folco Past Lac series. This is a high-performance and environmentally friendly alternative to solvent-based inks and supports users in this technology shift.

Follmann’s water-based printing inks have been developed for gravure and flexo printing. They combine high environmental compatibility with excellent colour quality and brilliance. Thanks to their special properties, they make a decisive contribution to high production output and economic efficiency.


In addition, the disposal of solvents through incineration or catalysis as well as cost-intensive measures for fire protection and occupational safety are eliminated. The safety risk during printing, transport and storage is thus significantly reduced. Clean room air without solvent vapours at the workplace also contributes to a high level of occupational safety and compatibility. Fast make-ready, consistently high print quality at high production speeds and simple processing also ensure a competitive overall system.

Gravure redefined by Kohli!
On June 16, 2021, Kohli Industries will introduce version 3.0 of Thea-9one8 – already the most anticipated gravure printing press for the flexible packaging industries worldwide!