Kaspar Walter

Janoschka invests in Quality Intelligence System

Janoschka invests in Quality Intelligence System
Clemens Hatt (K. Walter), Mike Grünwald (Janoschka) and Christoph Gschossmann (K. Walter) in front of the Q-trac quality inspection system purchased at Drupa (Source: K. Walter)

German prepress company Janoschka has invested in Q-trac and Cyon, the new Quality Intelligence System from Kapar Walter, at Drupa 2024.Q-trac and Cyon are two of the various new products that were on display at the Heliograph Holding GmbH stand with a focus on the next level of automation and quality intelligence in gravure forme production.

Q-trac, the new quality inspection system, focuses on automated detection of faulty cylinders before they enter the engraving process using high-precision measuring devices and a surface scan with an intelligent camera system.


Cyon, a software solution for the entire cylinder production process, was developed to digitalise, standardise and optimise the entire cylinder manufacturing process. In view of all these advantages, Janoschka decided to invest in the Q-trac and Cyon package for installation at its headquarters in Kippenheim.