Prisma S.A.

Gravure cylinders from Greece for European customers

The highly motivated team of Greek gravure cylinder manufacturer Prisma S.A. (Source: Prisma S.A.) (Photo Credit: Photo Star Komotini)

Prisma S.A. based in Komotini in northern Greece has been active in the field of gravure cylinder engraving for more than forty years. Until a few years ago, the company was still a division of two well-known gravure printing companies practicing in-house cylinder production. This experience of direct use of the cylinders in ongoing printing operations is of immediate benefit to customers today. Together with the gravure printers, ways and solutions are found that guarantee the best possible print results.

 The production facility of Prisma S.A. covers a total area of 6000 m2 and operates state-of-the-art production systems from well-known suppliers such as Hell, Daetwyler and Kaspar Walter. With the currently existing production facilities, up to 30,000 gravure cylinders can be produced annually. In addition, the company has large storage facilities for around 20,000 gravure cylinders, which Prisma makes available to its customers free of charge as an interim storage facility. This not only shortens the times for cylinder production, but also saves customers storage space for other purposes.


Prisma S.A operates the latest system technology for electromechanical engraving of gravure cylinders. From left: Stelios Papadopoulos (Production Manager), Christos Argyropoulos (Managing Director), Xenia Kiriazidou (Production Department/Prepress Assistant)
(Source: Prisma S.A.)
(Bild: Photo Star Komotini)

To meet the demand for cylinder cores, Prisma S.A. has an exclusive supplier contract with a leading manufacturer in Greece, as well as a cooperation with another supplier. To further ensure flexibility and delivery security, the company has invested in setting up a department to cover internal requirements for cylindrical hollow steel cores. It is equipped with CNC lathes, with which high-precision results can be achieved in terms of surface processing and dimension accuracy. In addition, this department is equipped with galvanic baths for copper plating and chrome plating as well as systems for engraving, grinding and polishing of the cylinders.

Prepress and quality control

In addition to the actual cylinder production, the prepress area at Prisma S.A. holds a special position. In terms of organization, this department is divided between the main Komotini site and the Athens branch. Trained employees ensure that only the latest software tools are used in order to achieve high-quality results in gravure printing. The security of order and customer data is always guaranteed thanks to triple file backups in conventional form and in a cloud.

In order to keep the quality of the engraved gravure cylinders at a consistently high level, the quality control department is equipped with state-of-the- art inspection systems. This means that all the measurements required to maintain the required technical properties of the respective cylinders can be carried out in accordance with international quality standards or individual customer requirements. These measuring instruments are calibrated by certified companies and guarantee maximum accuracy when implementing the desired product properties.

Quality control of a sample printed with gravure cylinders from Prisma S.A.
(Source: Prisma S.A.)
(Bild: Photo Star Komotini)

Customers and markets

The main customers of Prisma S.A. come from Germany, France, the Netherlands, Slovakia and Italy. Markus Pflügl from Austria is responsible for international customers. He has been in the gravure printing industry for almost 30 years, a fact which effectively supports the expansion of the customer network.

The customer base of Prisma S.A. includes gravure printing companies, which in turn supply manufacturers of food, cosmetics and detergents with flexible packaging. These are located in Greece, Western and Eastern Europe and the Middle East, and include well-known brand owners such as Barilla, Haribo and Nestlé. Prisma S.A. holds a considerable market share in Greece and is currently building partnerships with companies in Western Europe. Through the systematic strengthening of export activities, the sales revenues of Prisma has increased by 540% over the past 16 years, which corresponds to an annual growth rate of around 12%.

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A leading cylinder engraving company in Southeast Europe

Prisma S.A. was founded in Athens in 1980 and originally worked in the field of chemical etching of gravure cylinders. Due to changed market conditions, the company switched to electronic cylinder engraving as early as 1983. To ensure further development, Prisma S.A. in 1994 moved to Komotini. In 2007, the company was completely restructured by the new owners, the Argyropoulos family, and brought up to the current state of engraving technology with high investments. The company has been working in accordance with the ISO 9001/2008 quality standard for three years. Thanks to these measures, Prisma S.A. established itself as a leading market player in the field of electronic cylinder engraving in Southeastern Europe.


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