Efficient 3D analysis of structured roller surfaces

SOPRIN: Efficient 3D analysis of structured roller surfaces
The highly mobile measuring microscope DotScope wide view is ergonomically designed and weighs just under three kilograms (Source: SOPRIN)(Photo Credit: SOPRIN GmbH)

The new measuring microscope DotScope wide view by German company SOPRIN GmbH is characterised by its extended field of view, which is not only suitable for the precise measurement of cells, but also for the detection of coarse surface structures, such as those found on embossing and coating rollers. This high-precision microscope expands SOPRIN’s existing product range, which is based on the tried-and-tested DotScope mini and DotScope eco devices.

Technical details

The DotScope wide view offers a viewing area of up to 3290 x 2460 µm and a diagonal of 4100 µm. Other viewing areas are available on request. The measurable screen range extends from 6 l/cm to 80 l/cm for roller and cylinder diameters from 60 mm. Even special screens such as tri-helix engravings, SteppedHex and GTT can be measured. For calibration, a corresponding wizard is available in the software.


The device is equipped with LM plan objectives with infinity optics. The DotScope wide view is supplied as standard with the high-resolution 5x NA0.15, 10x NA0.30 and 20x NA0.40 objectives, which enable exceptional quality of the captured measurement images.

The measuring microscope DotScope wide view weighs just under three kilograms, making it highly mobile in use. Further mobility is achieved through the use of a single connection cable and the ergonomic design of the device facilitates handling.

Ease of use and software

The DotScope wide view offers features such as quick display of the live image at the touch of a button and easy depth measurement. Serial measurements can be configured on the computer and then performed on the DotScope, which saves precious production time. The integrated objective turret allows to switch between different objectives without losing the measurement position.

The software offers numerous measurement options, including dip volumes, lateral geometric dimensions, depth, screen rulings, dot percentages, profile sections and 3D views. These measurements can be made automatically or manually.


According to SOPRIN, the DotScope wide view offers excellent value for money and low total lifetime costs compared to other 3D measuring microscopes. The company also offers repair and maintenance services for hardware and software.

Using the DotScope wide view increases control over printing and finishing processes, reduces make-ready times, minimises waste and improves product quality, productivity and profitability.