Kaspar Walter

Cyon update: More efficiency and transparency in fully automatic gravure cylinder production

Cyon update: More efficiency in fully automatic gravure cylinder production
At a glance: the dashboard transport shows utilization and availability of all transportation devices of the AutoCON Line (Source: K. Walter)

The Cyon update expands the “Performance” and “Transport and Alerts” modules and supports users with additional data for trouble-free gravure cylinder production.

Among other things, the new dashboard provides information on all transport devices in the fully automated AutoCON production line in the same way as the “Performance” module, by providing visual feedback that clearly and unambiguously indicates their availability and utilisation.


The optimisation tool

In addition, a new module has been integrated into the dashboard for all alarm signals that generates an exact overview of occurring faults in real time and in terms of quantity and quality. For example, the tool informs how high the susceptibility to faults of a line is in relation to the other production lines, which type of fault occurs most frequently or causes the highest downtime. The knowledge gained from this is used to further increase the efficiency and productivity of the AutoCON line. In addition, this information is the basis for determining the length of intervals for preventive maintenance work. All this contributes to optimising the fully automatic overall process of gravure cylinder production and making it almost trouble-free.

The JobTracing function

With the new JobTracing function, every production step in gravure cylinder production is transparently displayed and documented. With this tool, the operator always knows exactly where and in which phase of production the cylinder is currently located.