Drupa 2024: Erhardt+Leimer

A drive concept for Industry 4.0

Erhardt+Leimer: A drive concept for Industry 4.0
Linear and rotary drives from the EL.MOTION product family (Source: Erhardt+Leimer)

The need for modernization, simplification and standardization are technical challenges currently emerging in machine tool manufacture and mechanical engineering. At the same time, there is also a demand for extreme flexibility and agile processes, i.e. fast turnaround times combined with great ability to adapt to ever changing requirements. These opposing demands are often faced by engineering departments that already tend to be overworked, frequently resulting in conflicting goals during implementation. Drive technology is an essential driving force in all production setups, so when it comes to reconciling the technical conditions with the day-to-day reality of the production environment, it plays a central role. Erhardt+Leimer is tackling these challenges with its state-of-the-art drive concept EL.MOTION.

The EL.MOTION drive concept

EL.MOTION includes a wide selection of gearless, linear and rotary synchronous drives. The pioneering innovation of EL.MOTION is that the existing BLDC machines in this performance class can now be replaced with synchronous machines. This opens up the ability to deliver the same highly dynamic performance and excellent control capability we are familiar with from gearless drives in a much smaller package. Despite the small form factor, fully integrated power electronics with a power-failure-proof encoder system are already integrated in the system. The motors can be commissioned and put into operation using any browser via the web-based management tool. With a standard integrated Ethernet interface that supports Ethernet UDP, EtherNet/IP, and Profinet, all drives can be seamlessly integrated in existing production processes and are perfectly suited to Industry 4.0 concepts.


Linear drive units and rotary drive units

The linear drive units AG 72, AG 91, AG 93, and AG 96 are synchronous motors with high positional accuracy and control dynamics. The nominal actuating forces of the relevant motors are in the range from 250 to 5500 N at a feed rate of up to 60 mm/s. The linear drive units are specially designed for long-term use and are therefore excellently suited to numerous applications. The rotary drive units AD 11, AD 12 and AD 14 are synchronous machines with a high power density. With very compact component dimensions, these motors achieve a torque output in the range from 1 to 4 Nm at speeds between 230 and 1000 rpm, offering a gearbox-free solution for many applications. High axial loads can also be handled without problems thanks to the additional support provided by a two-row angular contact ball bearing. As a result, the drive units can be connected directly – without a coupling – to a machine, which makes them very easy to integrate in existing production lines.

Functional safety by means of STO

The safety function STO (Safe Torque Off) in accordance with EN 61800-5-2 is an optional addition to Erhardt+Leimer drive units. This safety feature, which is integrated in the drive, switches off the motor torque by interrupting the control pulses.

At Drupa 2024, Erhardt+Leimer GmbH will exhibit EL.MOTION together with other new components for web guiding and web tension control, web monitoring and inspection.

Visit Erhardt+Leimer at Drupa 2024: Halle 16, Booth C20