Founded in 1981, German company Enulec GmbH has grown to occupy a leading market position in the field of electrostatic printing assist systems

40 years of innovations in the field of electrostatics 

Christa Dettke, responsible for the finances of the company, and Hubertus Dettke, responsible for technology, research and development, founded Enulec GmbH in 1981. Their son Christoph Dettke joined the company in 2006 and, as sales director, is in charge of international marketing with responsibility for the worldwide distribution network.

From small business to market leader


One may ask, what is the reason, that starting as a small family business did made Enulec to become a global market leader in the field of electrostatic printing assist systems for the gravure printing industry.

On the one hand, it is the focus on a manageable range of high-quality products that are tailored to the needs of the market and have been continuously developed over the years. Secondly, Enulec has a close-knit global network of partner companies with whom close and trusted relationships have often been built up over long periods of time. And behind all this is the vision of a family-owned company offering the best quality with optimum safety at an attractive price, as well as employees who share and support this guiding principle.

The family-owned company Enulec GmbH celebrates its 40th anniversary (Quelle: Enulec)

The product portfolio

In gravure printing, as with other processes, there is an ongoing need to improve and refine the achievable level of print quality. Electrostatic Printing Assist (ESA) is designed to optimise the transfer of ink from the gravure cylinder to the printing substrate. This is achieved by creating an electric field in the area of the nip to assist the capillary action of the gravure process. The result is the reduction of even elimination of misprints like missing dots and the ability to produce quality of a consistently high standard over long running periods without the need to make changes to machine settings.

Enulec manufactures and supplies electrostatic printing assist (ESA) systems for packaging, decorative and publication gravure printing. Irrespective of factors such as impression roller characteristics, viscosity and machine speed, the Enulec ESA systems enable a high quality of print to be maintained, particularly when printing on paper, card and plastic film substrates.

The company offers a range of customized ESA solutions like standard top-loading, maintenance-free top-loading, core-charging and side-loading and has pioneered several areas with its innovative research and development.