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100th direct laser goes to Croatia

100th direct laser goes to Croatia
Croatian prepress company Anilox receives the 100th Hell direct laser (Source: Hell)

Recently, Hell Gravure Systems has launched the 100th direct laser for the customer Anilox in Croatia.

Delivery is scheduled for the fall. Direct lasers are developed under the product name PremiumSetter for elastomer printing formes and coating cylinders for tissue printing and flexible packaging. The Cellaxy direct laser, on the other hand, is a universal laser platform focused on surfaces made of metal and polymer materials, such as those used for gravure printing forms, embossing cylinders and transfer rollers.


Croatian service house Anilox is a regional market leader in prepress and cylinder engraving for printing of flexible packaging and decorative printing. The product portfolio also includes anilox rollers, transfer rollers for ink, varnish, adhesive, wax, UV and other coatings as well as rotary hot stamping dies. With the introduction of advanced technologies, direct laser engraving, Anilox will expand the spectrum of services and products of special requirements to its end users, better adapted to actual demands for sustainable production. The project is supported by the Norway Grants 2014-2021, in the frame of the Program Business Development and Innovation Croatia.