Virtual Open House “Live in India”!

Gravure redefined by Kohli!

Version 3.0 of Thea-9one8 gravure printing press for flexible packaging production offers even more smart and sophisticated features you shouldn't miss to see (Source: Kohli Industries)

On June 16, 2021, Kohli Industries will introduce version 3.0 of Thea-9one8 – already the most anticipated gravure printing press for the flexible packaging industries worldwide!

A momentous event for the flexible packaging industry. Don’t miss this virtual Open House “Live in India”!

Want to get a first impression of this most sophisticated gravure printing press?

Here we are!

The Thea-9one8 is the latest gravure press from Indian manufacturer Kohli Industries. The video gives you a first impression of a gravure press that sets standards. Register now for the Virtual Open House “Live in India”! (Source: Kohli Industries)
(Source: Kohli Industries)

Why all the buzz about this new gravure press?

Thea-9one8 is the latest gravure press of Indian manufacturer Kohli Industries. Sustainable, best-in-class productivity, always online and ready to embrace the industry of the future, Thea-9one8 is clearly ahead of its peers.
This environmentally friendly gravure press is compatible with water-based inks, LED-UV and EB curing lacquers and is ready for extended colour gamut (ECG) printing. The press handles a wide range of flexible materials including thin and recyclable films. Thea-9one8 is suitable for short, medium and long print runs.

“Focus on EASE”

  • Ease of job changeovers: shaft-less mounting of printing cylinders, interchangeable light weight ink trolleys and sleeve type impression rollers
  • Ease of registration: register presetting and set up of repeat jobs, high register accuracy at all speeds and fastest register correction during speed change and splice
  • Ease of production: maximum output with minimal downtime, manpower, wastage and energy consumption
  • Ease of information: live monitoring and live press updates any time, any place, any device
  • Ease of maintenance: predictive maintenance, interactive manuals and intelligent electronics for complete human-machine interaction

Thea-9one8 offers a wide range of personalization and customization options in co-operation with world leading companies which include:

  • Electronic shaft integration from Siemens
  • Register control from BST eltromat
  • Web inspection from BST eltromat and Erhardt + Leimer
  • Impression sleeves and ink feed rollers from Rossini
  • Viscosity controllers from Gama
  • Electrostatic Print Assist (ESA) from Enulec
  • 100% defect detection from BST eltromat and Futec
  • LEL control from Honeywell and Nira

Kohli takes production safety very seriously. Therefore, Thea-9one8 is equipped with:

  • Active static discharge bars along the press with explosion-proof bars on each printing unit
  • Static monitoring at multiple positions along the press with pre-settable alarms
  • CO2 firefighting system with nozzles and temperature sensors at each printing unit
  • CE conformity following strict European safety standards

Version 3.0 – A step even further!

Version 3.0 of Thea-9one8 gravure printing press for flexible packaging production offers even more smart and sophisticated features you shouldn’t miss to see.

So, let’s meet on June 16, 2021, at the Virtual Open House “Live in India” to get a glimpse into the future of flexible packaging production!

Register here to see how Thea-9one8-3.0 contributes to the benefit of your gravure business.


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